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We are always in need of surplus telecom equipment, as well as any digital or electronic parts you no longer need. You may find yourself coming away from business with us feeling pleasantly surprised. We are also surprised by the amount of second hand and used electronic waste there is, a veritable goldmine. Everyone has a spare computer, graphics card, network router, and more, sitting abandoned and unused in the backs of cupboards and in storerooms. Think of how valuable your computer would be to someone who has a worse one than that. Think of how valuable a rare spare part would be if their life’s work depended on retrieving the data off an obsolete personal computer.

DHA Computers deals with new and used computer and communications hardware, trading, dealing, selling, purchasing, and acquiring. We offer the best deals on refurbished telecom equipment, functional networking systems, telecommunications systems restored and improved upon and guarantees on all of our products. It all springs from the insight our technicians and specialists have in the hardware arena. Our operatives have a keen eye for detail and quality, as well as a keen sense of pride in each sale or purchase, meaning they avoid purchasing equipment that will be temperamental or faulty and we in turn never have to sell anything unreliable. We aim to become the number one source online for telecom equipment.

Our company is operational on a multinational scale, as we have suppliers and warehouses in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and across Europe. We have supply and purchase outlets supplying used communications components to a wide variety of faithful customers and clients. DHA Computers stays ahead of the game by ensuring our prices are lowest and our services are fastest. With all available modern technology and a host of dedicated employees, we can be sure that your parts and components will be available and ready for your use in the shortest period of time.

DHA Computers supplies and buys, or has bought and sold a wide variety of different hardware components including brands such as Nortel, AT&T, Panasonic, Tel-Plus, Samsung, Fujitsu, Toshiba, IBM, and much more. If you are an information technology specialist or professional, impress your superiors with your initiative by determining the value of any spare, outdated, damaged, or discarded telecom equipment you have through a simple quote from us, and suggesting it to them as a way to reclaim money from a previously untapped source.

Your company has electronics and equipment stored away never to be used again. You may have stock that will never be sold due to unforeseen circumstances, if it is of an IT nature, DHA computers will purchase it from you for a price determined with current market values in mind. We will even come and collect your equipment if you happen to be offloading whole network systems after upgrades, or anything to that extent. We will purchase any used telephones, telephone accessories, telephone equipment, telecom equipment, circuitry and boards, key systems, PBXs, voicemail systems, routers, servers, and anything else digital or electronic. We pay the best prices, for both used and new communications equipment, we also charge least for our refurbished and resoled equipment. It is due to the large volumes of transactions that we can offer such low prices, ensuring all our clientele is satisfied.