Welcome to the online trading station of DHA Computers. We serve the information technology industry through supply of used, refurbished, outdated, out stocked and new computer hardware. The industry serves us by supplying us with our stock. Whatever you need, be it a used server, multiple workgroups, network systems or anything else, use DHA Computers, a leader in the Telecommunication Dealer UK online industry.

Whether you are a big business, small business, established reseller, or even a home user, we can supply you, and help you dispose of old equipment. DHA Computers is a versatile purchaser and supplier of new and used computer parts, as well as any other accessories utilised in the growing information technology industry. We can help you save money, earn money and sort out your life. DHA Computers Telecommunication Dealer UK- our motto: waste not, want not.

Our philosophy and mission statement is pretty simple and straightforward, as is our service. We aim to simplify your computer system, offering you top cash for unwanted hardware, while offering you quality used equipment at a fraction of the cost. We understand the digital era, ensuring that we offer you the ideal solutions for your situation. Our assistants are fully trained and highly knowledgeable – you can be sure they will suggest the correct options for your needs, as well as suggest anything else that will make your system more functional. What DHA Computers offers is more than a good deal, we offer a business relationship that continues to assist you throughout your computer use.

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We specialise in the wholesale trade of used computer parts, essentially remarketing your unused assets returning cash to your business through resale of said assets. We offer companies going into liquidation the opportunity to retrieve the maximum cash back on all assets. As a Telecommunication Dealer UK business with various sources, we are also the people to turn to when in need of cheap IT solutions and equipment. DHA Computers is the first place you should go if you are in need of an asset resale solution, if you undergoing liquidation, if you are going bankrupt, if you are upgrading used equipment or even downsizing your company. We have a wide variety of customers, and solutions to fit any situation.

DHA Computers sells, purchases, exchanges, and leases top quality refurbished computer parts. We are suppliers of the best pre-owned workstations, laptops, monitors, network and telecommunications equipment, and any other corporate or home computing equipment excess. If you have unused working computer parts and accessories, come to DHA Computers for the best cash offers on all your old equipment.

We are a fully functional IT solution provider as well as a trader in new and used equipment. Our services are internationally available, although shipping costs vary when outside of the United Kingdom and United States. We are the leaders in Telecommunication Dealer UK PC liquidation. We offer the cheapest second hand equipment available through our online marketplace. We even offer discounts and specials on products that have been drastically reduced due to pre-ownership. What this means is that you pay less for parts, sometimes as low as seventy five percent less than the costs of the same product if purchased new.

DHA Computers Telecommunication Dealer UK marketplace online offers closing-down, discount, bargain prices on all surplus communications equipment and computer parts both to wholesale purchasers, businesses and individuals. Products we offer include: used laptops, second hand notebooks, pre-owned hard disk drives, refurbished workstations, used servers, outdated digital cameras, second hand wireless communications equipment, used telecom equipment, pre-owned consumer electronics components, surplus network accessories, and any other unwanted or unused computer hardware.

DHA Computers serves the information technology industry as well as others who need parts at reduced prices. We can help you recover hard cash for equipment you previously thought was worthless junk. Excess equipment, discontinued stock, surplus hardware and any other network and electronic equipment can be found easily on our website (a Telecommunication Dealer UK site). Expect nothing but the lowest prices and best deals on all our products. Included amongst our clients and customers are: wholesale purchasers, used computer part resellers, information technology managers and purchasing agents, and many computer dealerships.

Whatever you need, whether it is resale, purchases or just advice, contact DHA Computers for the best services relating to Telecommunication Dealer UK. If you have pre-owned (open-box), underused, over-stocked, unused, used or outdated equipment, we would be interested in giving you an offer. Otherwise, if you are here to make a purchase, use our products page to see what we can help you with. Additionally, you may contact the expert DHA Computer sales assistants to get advice and information.